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The Nawash Law Office is one of the few American law firms that represents clients in Palestine in Corporate, Commercial & Real-Estate Transactions. The Palestinian legal market is one of the most complex legal markets in the world. To navigate the Palestinian legal market, the Nawash Law Firm has associated with the Al Ouri Law Firm, which is one of the most respected and accomplished law firms in Palestine.

The Al Ouri Law Firm is headed by attorney Malek Al Ouri, who is licensed to practice law in Palestine and Jordan. Mr. Al Ouri represents various international companies and developmental organizations in the West Bank of Palestine.

Mr. Malek Al Ouri
Al Ouri & Associates
Sorda Bldg, Irsal Street
Ramallah, Palestine
Mobile: 011-972-598-235751
Office: 011-972-599-949-299


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